Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Follow these simple steps to nix the dead weight of your wardrobe and make way for new-season winners.

Back to Basics:

Changing seasons can be tiring – especially for your underwear. Staples like crew neck tees, boxers and socks are the frontline troops of your wardrobe, dutifully putting in more hours than any other piece. Bin any basics that are torn or worn thin and then replenish the ranks with fresh wares.

Charity Starts in the Home:

No matter how savvy a shopper you are, certain elements of your wardrobe will have become, by way of fashion’s ebbs and flows or hours spent at the squat rack, obsolete since you first took them home. So now is the perfect time to finally make good on that resolution of doing your bit for others. The best rule of thumb - if it hasn’t seen the light of day for a year, it’s safe to say you probably won’t wear it.

Formalwear Fix-Up:

Although the festive party season has been and gone, you are bound to call on your tailoring collection for a fair-weather wedding in the next few months. Save yourself the stress of having to get a suit dry cleaned in less than an hour and take all of your smarts for a professional clean now, before stowing them away safely - on high-quality wooden hangers and in a suit bag, of course.


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